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    how to identify true and false Anta sports shoes - worth watching

    in daily work often encounter a lot of Amoy friends first words were to ask: Timberland Homme "you Is it right? Genuine?" We also answer every day N times in this way!! This is Taobao is now one of the most popular words!!! The most afraid to Amoy, Amoy friends high imitation shoes or imitation shoes. We also carefully analyzed the present Taobao, patted network, there are a variety of other sites of the fake shoes, after a lot of Amoy friends reflect and your work experience, summarizes some experience of the difference between true or false!!! To Amoy friends reference!! Hope you can identify the authenticity, a how to identify true and false Anta Taobao Amoy out false error identification method: Anta 400 anti-counterfeiting and laser code anti-counterfeiting technology method: items received after the rear through Timberland Femme the security code tag. The input to the Anta website inquires the authenticity (almost lost, anti-counterfeiting everywhere in Quanzhou can get) but this method is not 100% effective now Quanzhou fraud master, 400 security can also get, a fake out shoes can also through the security check, the query result is authentic, but shoes are carefully compared to monopoly or not! Security also is only a procedure to identify true and false, can not represent the security check is genuine!!!!. Many customers reflect bought shoes, security TN Requin check is genuine, but no shoes to work, 1 months do not immediately open, fade.... This is obviously the buy Quanzhou fake shoes!! But the 6 drill 2 crown seller!! Due to the recent hype credit particularly crazy, the current credit also makes people doubt, now buy a fake hurt people dare not believe Taobao, we have no resistance! /:'" "!! The market is fake up!! (check the anti-counterfeiting is genuine, and not representative of is genuine, fake almost lost the) now cheater also participate in consumer protection, seven days unconditional return policy! You buy a fake shoes, looking for a liar, complaints to the Taobao, Taobao lets you provide evidence!!! I believe you will not to 100 yuan shoe spend thousands of yuan to quality inspection center Nike air max detection!! So the shoes aren't you said is false is false!


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