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  • I seen the episode, WOW EU Gold for Zenedar - Horde and it is indeed pretty creepy. I won spoil any of it here, other than what you see in the above clip. However, since I explored nearly all the endgame content that I cared for (doing raids / quests for the lore experience), I looking to try out an alt. I narrowed it down to either warlock or mage..

    "The Voice" host, wow warlords of draenor Carson Daly, does a great job of not mentioning the fact the Clarkson started her now decade long career much the same way as a contestant on his show's biggest competitor, "American Idol." But that's alright; everybody already knows, even if Clarkson is part of "the family" of "The Voice" (she was an advisor during Season 2), but let's draw the line at claiming the pregnant star's baby. (Quote from Daly: "I feel like it's our baby." "Our" baby? What? Slezak may have penned just the right descriptor there.).


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