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  • As officially announced by Jagex, a new and improved Wealth Elevator will be used in RuneScape. To make the Wealth Elevator more convenient and offer various purchase options to players, the RS team well improved it to make you rich with loads of cheap RS 07gold.

    Yesterday MrP was driving the tractor delivering a trailer load of bread to the dry stock as he does every day. The paddock is about a kilometre away and about half way there he felt something moving up his leg. Looked down and it was a snake. Instinct brought his hand down and he flicked it off into he grass. He eventually stopped the tractor and got off to calm his nerves. It really shook him up. Even when he got back home again he still had goose bumps all over his body.

    Im an ex con. 3 felonies in 2002. Ive totally turned my life around but its difficult. I did 5 years in prison. 2 Robberies and 1 non violent sex offense. I have been offered many good paying jobs but they were contingent on a background check. Im always honest about my past, but before I got in trouble I wanted to be in the military or become a cop. Ive got a year of probation left that i started in 2007 wen i was released. But im wondering if i can become a paralegal, lawyer, police officer, military officer or any office of public protection. Please let me know. Also, when can i get my felonies expunged?

    Level 40 Farming From level 1 to level 15 plant seeds in every patch you are able to in the allotment patches scattered around Runesape. From level 15 to level 30, plant oak saplings in the tree patches located in Taverly, Falador, The Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Varrok. From level 30 to level 40 repeat the previous process only this time plant willow saplings instead.

    A new hat is available from the Bounty Hunter reward shop called the Hunter’ s honor and a granite clamp has also been added to the Bounty Hunter reward shop in 2007 RuneScape. Look forward! We have more details.


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    OSR-Combat 102 with 91 attack, 92 strength, 80 defense

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