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main referee lifted fifa 15 coins suspended gestures
  • In Netherlands and Mexico of game for to fifa 15 coins subsection 33 minutes Shi, main referee lifted suspended gestures halted game, both players quickly came to field side of cool to added water, broadcast screen Shang also appeared has Cooling Break of words, this is FIFA first confirmed football game in the appeared cooling suspended although move was like human, but controversy also with of and to, many media pointed out that, in winter of Brazil held World Cup even hot into such, 2022 of Qatar World Cup to how should does? Don't pause it every 5 minutes? Historic moment today by the FIFA's official World Cup song is cool suspended the United States says the Fortaleza weather is not suitable for the game and the golf audience of shadows on the ceiling can only partially covered half the pitch. Fortaleza 38.8 climate of high temperature and 70% of terror, after all, indeed intolerable, courtside fans scramble to cover the water, not to mention intense player on the pitch. On the referee twice halted play in the second half, most of the players were added on a large gulp of water, water pour down all over again, would like to bring a little cool morning before the top of the World Cup, FIFA officials say if the race as temperatures topped 32, FIFA's Coordinator-General and recommended that the match be suspended from the competition supervision, players can add moisture.


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