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  • Jean-Claude Klepper, 62, of Virton, Belgium, and his 15-year-old daughter Aurelie dressed up prefer World War II GIs apt brand the occasion.
    "We have to never forget what happened in 1944," the elder Klepper told The Associated Press. "Many American soldiers came here apt defend Europe. We have to honor them because what they did."
    Stephen Sams, 41,Valentino Leather Ballet Flats, a U.S.knight based in Germany, said for him the battle waged in the dense forests and narrow valleys of Belgium and contiguous Luxembourg epitomized "the unwillingness of American forces apt give up in the face of adversity."
    Starting on Dec. 16,Cheap Valentino Shoes, 1944, and because virtually six weeks,,extra than 600,000 American soldiers, fighting in freezing conditions and constantly peckish and dog-tired, took part in desperate efforts apt contain,next dart behind a startle German counteroffensive masterminded forward Adolf Hitler himself.
    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill hailed the ultimate sequel as one ever-famous American victory." But it came by a lofty cost: 80,987 U.S. casualties,Valentino Rockstud Shoes, including 10,Valentino Studded Boots,276 dead,Valentino Pumps, 47,493 wounded and 23,Valentino Boots,218 lacking,according to the U.S. Army's legal history.
    Total German casualties are estimated at 81,834, including 12,Valentino Slingbacks,652 dead and 30,582 meager.
    After the kill of the battle,aboard Jan. 28, 1945, Allied forces attacked Germany in unison,finally leading apt the Nazi surrender and the abolish of World War II in Europe.
    In the town of Bastogne, where soldiers of the 101th Airborne held out antagonism being cut off and amid shops and windows were decorated Saturday with American and Belgian flags. One regional restaurant displayed a drawing of one American flag and the information"thank you."


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