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League champion participate in fifa coins
  • In this historic fifa coins of Conference Shang, each home Club on format reached has agreement: game by States League champion participate in; used main away knockout business, or two team points and net WINS ball are same, is in third party Stadium Shang held one additional game; Champion Cup of finals must in European AFC prior determines of stadium Shang for; in this team Stadium game Shi, tickets income, and advertising fee and TV broadcast fee owned hosts processing. During the meeting, also created an Executive Committee, Santiago Bernabeu as the Committee's first Deputy Chairman. Main points of the Committee responsible for drafting the development of champions, and informed FIFA in order to understand UEFA want in another Cup, alternative proposed by the Club of the team and most of Europe at the European Champions Cup.

    "Galardo revealed the origins of the conflict," two conflicting people because Massey asks Guardiola for centers or ' pseudo-9th ' location, this villa has to play to the left, and gourd doll feel uncomfortable, because he is the shooter's identity to join Barcelona. Obviously, the couple's relationship became worse from then on. Although the Catalan media protectionism means to cover all the contradictions of the team, but they are not and is a fact.


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