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Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone
  • How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone

    Data loss on iPhone is quite common now. Any mistaken operation may delete some important data from your iPhone, for example:

    By mistake, all notes on my iPhone 5 are deleted by me. How can I get them back? I konw iTunes can backup data, but unfortunately, I did not backup the notes to the iTunes. SO, i need some tool to recover lost notes from iPhone directly.

    If you are an iPhone user, this probelm should not be strange to you. If you have the same issue, congratulations, you can recover them now. What you need is the iPhone data recovery

    iPhone data recovery is a professional toool for users to restore deleted data from iPhone. It provides three ways to restore deleted files:
    1. recover lost files from iPhone directly
    2. restore data from iTunes backup
    3. Retrieve lost data from iCloud backup
    So, no matter you made backup or not before, you get chances to recover the deleted notes.

    how to recover deleted notes on iPhone

    Step 1.Connect your iPhone to your computer firstly and then run the iPhone data recovery after you downlaod and install it. Let the software to detect your iPhone
    Step 2.After the software recognoizes your iPhone, click Start scan to enter scanning mode to scan your device for the lost notes
    Step 3. After the scan is over, go to the folders in the left sidebar to check the notes you need. Click recover to restore the selected ntoes, and save them to your computer.

    If you lost text messages or contacts on your iPhone, you can also follow the steps above to recover them:
    how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone
    how to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone

    Recovering lost photos from iPhone may be a bit hard, you need make backup before if you want to recover photos for iPhone 4S, 5, and the later versions.
    1. Start the iPhone photo recovery, select recover from iTunes backup files mode
    2. Select the backup files to scan for the lost photos
    3. Preview and recover lost photos from iTunes backup
    how to recover deleted photos from iphone

    More articles to recover delete iPhone data, go to:
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