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Nike Sportswear dropped a few new Air Max Barkley colorway

  • The growth of sneaker art is one of those signs that lets us know the nike air max 95 sale scene is really flourishing, and today we have a look at “What you don't see at first glance, which are the basic shapes within the trainer itself.” Young British graphic designer Jack Stocker put together a few unique renderings of the golden era Air Max running series and a few of its immediate peers, which seek to demonstrate a kind of ‘vector' interpretation on these immortal silhouettes. With Swooshes de-emphasized and lines you might liken to a Colorforms construction, Jack tackles the Air Max 1, Light, 90 and Air 180 along with the Air Flow and Air Huarache LE and you can let us know which best represents its muse after seeing them all below.

    How seriously you take your identity as a sneakerhead can be gauged by things like the size/scope of your collection, the amount of time you spend dealing with kicks on a daily basis and plenty of other metrics. One especially effective cold read comes from asking people how much they know about relatively obscure models like the nike air max 95 sale uk, because chances are, when you're familiar with these kinds of cult classics, you have indeed invested some serious time into this hobby. Complex‘ latest list pulls together some of the forgotten gems of the modern era into one serious score for the hardcore among us, and you can see its contents in full with each model labeled for your convenience after the jump below.

    Right around a month ago, Sneaker News teamed up with the world's largest online sneaker collection, nike air max 2014 womens, in an effort to give you a little bit of background on the personal tastes of the folks who make this site tick. We whittled the most cherished sneakers in our personal collections down to individual top 20 lists, bringing you some background on why those sneakers meant so much to us. But of course, as every collector knows, on the flip side of all our rewarding conquests and acquisitions, there will always be the ones that got away.

    This latest edition of our nike air max 2014 mens team-up is the tale of those models, the ones that we never got our hands on or that we had and may never find again. Mind you this isn't necessarily a definitive list of our ‘grails', but rather a compilation of our most personally lusted after releases from amongst the impressive Sneakerpedia selection. Stay with us after the jump for the Top 5 Sneakerpedia sneaker grail lists from our SN editors and let us know if you've got any in common with us in the comments below. If you didn't see your personal favorites in here, head over to the Sneakerpedia archives to see what kind of long-lost heat people are holding onto and feel free to sign up to start uploading your own treasures now.


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