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  • Even now, looking backbuy fifa coins nor a more suitable candidate to replace Zhang Jilong this election while at the same time, looking back at one of our opponents of Japan's Football Association, Secretary General tiandaoxingsan in the then small orders from cangchuner and arranged by FIFA's Executive Committee, has begun to lead a team of up to 20 people, identified earlier visited 35 countries Association planned and implemented. Japan Football Association behind it, is one of the world's largest advertising company Japan Dentsu's full support, and Dentsu in funding to give Japan Football Association all support Tajima campaign team has a large number of elite from Dentsu Inc. Tajima reputation in Asian Football is not very large, but still received 19 votes today, appears to be the entire team did a pretty solid foundation of work although the election of the Chinese Football Association, with a well-defined programme, but for Administration in Foreign Affairs who visited quite a number of restrictions regarding the Organization, members of the campaign group is not able to 100% the implementation of established programmes.

    1. known as the "father of the nation" of South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela will attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup, and his grandson enkesi. Mandela has identified his 92-year old grandfather to attend to the outside world: "he will attend the opening ceremony and fun with fans, and we're hoping he can pitch to stay a long time, at least 10 to 15 minutes. "2. the United States President Barack Obama will attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup, FIFA has asked the United States, the youngest of sending out invitations and soon to be President Obama's response. 3. the details of the opening ceremony of the World Cup is still in top secret, even from the organizers to show who signed a pledge to ensure that this style with the continent's World Cup opening ceremony will have a richer sense of mystery.


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