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FIFA announced that dismissed the Brazil Football
  • Beijing yesterday morning, FIFA announced that dismissed the Brazil Football Federation against Colombia player Zuniga foul another punishment appeal and dismissed them on Tiago. Silva, relieving the sentencing appeal in Brazil against Colombia's one-fourth in the final, Zuniga on neymar's collision with the latter and lumbar fracture early farewell to the World Cup. FIFA said that, in accordance with the provisions of foul players was showed the red and yellow cards for fouls on the court case can be post-match FIFA Disciplinary Committee to review to determine whether there is a need for further punishment of the player. But in this game, referee and no foul for Zuniga to produce red and yellow cards and, therefore, Colombia Defender infractions, not appended to the FIFA Games FIFA's decision within the scope of the trial, certainly can't put out Brazil's anger amongst fans.

    Zhang Jilong exited the AFC President battles, means not only that Chinese soccer was marginalized in AFC, are also believed to be of East Asian soccer powers suffered a major blow. But this view is too one-sided, precisely, is the AFC back something Asian Football power equalization confrontation situation, Japan and South Korea Football Association was not intended to be coveted AFC President's official position, they are still within the core power of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation. In addition, the AFC's commercial sponsors, except for some big international brands, and not really give them money in Western Asia, but Korea and Japan sponsorship.


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