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ussia money to bribe referees to buy fifa coins
  • Russia money to bribe referees to help Spain win the World Cup, two FIFA Executive Committee members a premium to sell the World Cup bid for the right to vote in the last six months,buy fifa coins United Kingdom media for its bid to host the World Cup is not to force, exposure within FIFA scandals one after another.

    From the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid the last voting time had less than 72 hours (December 2), the BBC Panorama program once again will be directed at FIFA, during the period from 1989 to 1999, defunct ISL companies continue to bribe FIFA officials, including the people, totaling as much as $ 100 million, BBC disclosure Issa Hayatou, Teixeira and laiaozi three FIFA exuded is suspected, Trio accused of accepting huge bribes during the past 20 years.


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