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Super Bowl Dwell Post-Game Updates
  • That's all for our live publish game coverage Thank you.

    11:23 p.m. - Green Bay's Greg Jennings - It feels wonderful. To God be the glory. We had to pull with each other.

    eleven:22 p.m. - Aaron Rodgers - On Green Bay: It really is a particular location to play.

    11:17 p.m. - Green Bay victory parade scheduled for Tuesday.

    11:twelve p.m. - Green Bay's Charles Woodson - When he went down with a broken collar bone, I broke down ... cried. I cannot tell you how numerous guys informed me they wanted to get the trophy for me.

    eleven:09 p.m. - Earlier in the evening, when Rodgers was on the stage on the area just soon after the Super Bowl, he was lifting the Lombardi trophy with one arm and was offered a championship belt that was placed on the other arm's shoulder. In various previous games, Terry Bradshaw Jersey Rodgers pretended to tie on a championship belt right after his team scored.

    11:07 p.m. - We're road warriors [in the playoffs.] 

    11:06 p.m. - Rodgers - What a fantastic run for us and way to finish it off. Asked to seem ahead, Rodgers says: We can win with the guys in the locker room. We have got special talent in that locker area.

    11:04 p.m. - Rodgers - I haven't had a time to reflect. What a journey. 

    11:03 p.m. - What a feeling. Incredible. What a year. A wonderful group of guys. Lot of challenging work. Great deal of dreams coming Rocky Bleier Jersey accurate for a good deal of guys tonight. I by no means felt like there was a monkey on my back. The staff and teammates had been behind me.

    11:02 p.m. - Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers - To have a coach who has confidence to put the ball in your hands .... it was an outstanding feeling.

    10:58 p.m. - Roethlisberger - They're a great defense. They did a fantastic occupation of taking away the deep factors.

    ten:53 p.m. - Roethlisberger - It truly is not exciting. I detest to drop. We've received guys who are not going to quit. I'm so proud of these guys.

    ten:52 p.m. - Roethlisberger - We turned over the ball a good deal. It's my fault. I do not make excuses. You always have hope and belief in every other that you can get it done. Jerome Bettis Jersey I fee like we did a great work of moving the ball. We just did not score adequate points.

    ten:50 p.m. - Pittsburgh's Roethlisberger - Just informed them [teammates] I believe in you guys and consider we can do this [before the game was over]. There was a great deal of throws I would like to have back. Felt like I let the city of Pittsburgh down.

    ten:47 p.m. - Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu - There is a drive there that I gave up a large play And the following touchdown was my fault also. We didn't force turnovers There had been some possibilities to make plays there but we didn't. We felt we had some momentum going there, but it didn't fall on my lap.

    10:46 p.m. - Hawk - What is it like when you get property, asks reporter. It truly is going to be crazy. What better town to carry back the Lombardi trophy than Green Bay.

    ten:46 p.m. - Hawk - There was no want to panic. Coach said: We're wining this game [at half time].

    10:43 p.m. - Green Bay's A.J. Hawk - We have character guys right here. We're a household we take pleasure in hanging about with each and every other.


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